update on melon my plant: parts of him died but parts of him are still alive so im gonna keep nurturing him and hope that it works out well

i say that claire is cissexist and racist but still a good person

is that true?

is a cissexist racist person still really a good person?

im making so much milk today wtf

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i wonder if i am a multiple system a lot and if i was Mijung would probably be one of my headmates but idk

i wish i had better resources to find out if i was one or not

im so confused and scared and i wanna cry

is it just that im borderline so i have severe mood swings or do i have multiple personality disorder or what is going on in my head

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why are porn blogs following this blog already

im sad because im never going to be able to escape harassment solely for being asian everywhere i go i am terrified to meet someone who looks down upon me and uses slurs says racist things because it happens everyday and i am so sad that i have tod eal with this

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why do i suck at art :’(

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