my nipples are so tiny and not pink wtf

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i was already crying for the second time today and then charlotte walked in GOD i hope she gets hit by a car

i take that back. miriam is nice and i like her

i think i hate miriam. every time i talk about asian oppression she turns it into a topic of how latinos supposedly have it harder. i’m talking about my own experience and also they don’t have it harder

i think i’ve gotten too attached to leo. i wanted to cry when he wasn’t at school today. it felt pointless going because i didnt get to see him

i just wanna give him a big long hug!!!!!!

merlin trusts me so much with weird information its so great

why do white people support john green so much he’s trash if you like john green then stay away from me

i think i legitimately hate white people

i used to joke around saying white people suck but the more i experience them the more i hate them

I think that I say that I hate everyone but in reality I suck up to everyone

it seems that I am a gross person who hates everyone